How Does Blogging Help My Online Presence and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To blog is to connect with one’s audience, it’s your opportunity to provide a solution to a problem your prospective customer (or current) may have. As mentioned in our blog, “Does my business need a blog?”, blogging helps connect you with your customer. It humanizes your brand or organization. All of which circles back to, providing a solution to a problem your customer may have. You can’t solve a problem for a customer if they can’t find you though, and that’s how blogging can help.

What does blogging have to do with helping my search engine rankings?

You may be sitting back and thinking “okay, great, but what the heck does that have to do with helping my SEO?” With the holidays upon us, we’re in a giving mood, so we’ll talk you through how blogging can help your online presence. When people go to Google, Bing, or any other search engine, it’s for one reason, they need to solve a problem and are looking for a solution. People will go to their search engine of choice, type in a question i.e. “How do I convert web traffic to sales?” They then proceed to look at websites that appear in the results that answer their question. Thank you proper titles and meta descriptions for making that happen 😉 Your prospective customer then proceeds to click on the website that appears to answer their question. TA-DA! Your website page or blog article that provides a solution to your potential customer’s problem has now given them a reason to visit your website. You have now met your potential client at the beginning of their buyer’s journey, and now, you have the opportunity to help them.

Blogging has now done a few things that help with your SEO

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, most of us don’t want an abundance of website pages on our site with too much information on them, difficult for a customer to find. The reality is, most of us have simple, clean websites, with information about services we provide, without getting someone lost in our content. This allows website users experience to be clean, and easy to navigate through. How is it then, that search engines can find solutions for customers? DING DING DING. If you answered with blogs, you get a gold star.

Blogging has now done a few things that help with your SEO. You have now:

  1. Provided a solution to a stranger
  2. Increased brand awareness
  3. Increased your expertise in the industry
  4. Increased website traffic to your website
  5. Told google that visitors find your traffic valuable and helped give it some authority
  6. Increase website indexing opportunities

Website indexing….what is that?

While we don’t want a gazillion pages on our main drop-down menu, we do actually want high quality, relevant and original content on our website in general. When you build a website, google indexes it with the information you provide. It takes that information and puts you in the pecking order for search engine rankings. If you don’t update with fresh unique content, Google stops indexing, therefore allowing other sites to be found before you. Blogging, however, creates an opportunity to create fresh, relevant content, allowing for Google to index your content more frequently. Thus, helping to move you up the search engine rankings. The more original content Google can index for you, the more likely your users can find you too.

Images and videos – oh my!

To clarify, these are not the only ways that blogging helps your SEO. As any good digital marketer or online specialist will tell you, you can’t have a good blog without:
  1. Images or
  2. Videos
The power of images and video content to help bring awareness to content is strong. Including them in your blog content gives search engines another opportunity to find you! Just like you want to use best practices for your blog structure, you want to use the best practices for images (and videos) too. Make sure to properly name your photos you use and to make sure your alt-text is carefully crafted. Videos are one of the most engaging tools a marketer can use, so it makes sense that they help to optimize a blog. Like all content, videos should be created with a purpose –to solve a solution, connect to a customer or provide general information. Time to start creating!

Let’s Get Social

I live, breathe and dream social. Social media is one of the best ways that you can help drive website traffic and brand awareness to a website, blogging in particular. More than that though, Google loves social too. Continuing to use best practices like meta title and descriptions will help ensure that when people share your blogs socially, Google will take notice. These are just a few reasons why blogging helps your online presence and SEO. Are you ready to learn more about how blogging can help your business, brand or organization? Now is the time! Connect with us today to see how we can help create original blog content to help drive your goals. Contact us today: Danie Schwartz Consulting is a full-service creative consulting firm, specializing in storytelling. A perfect blend of creativity, energy, communication, brand, and strategy; we’re ready to bring your brand to the next level. We’d love to connect with you, call us at (530) 636-0193 or email today!

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