Words matter.

What we say and how we say them can impact customer loyalty, trust, online visibility and more. Businesses often want the quick and easy when it comes to being found online, but the reality of it is, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done right shouldn’t be quick and easy.  A good copywriting or content strategy shouldn’t be quick and easy. If it was quick and easy everyone would do it, and everyone would be found online. There are a lot of different aspects as to why good copy and content is a long term strategy worth working on, but primarily, a good copywriting and content strategy will 

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Build trust
  • Establish your business as experts
  • Help to increase online visibility 
  • Turns strangers into customers

I could go on about the reasons good copy and content is worth investing in because reasons are infinite. Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen if brands stopped putting their information online? The need for online searches would cease to exist, DUH. It’s pretty simple….. 

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.” 

Content and copy is important for consumers, important for the digital world and serves to provide solutions for those searching for a problem. 

Why though??? Why does something like good copywriting or the right Youtube Video do this for your audience and why is it worthy of your time? It may be simple but you’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t) by how many people still gawk at the idea for paying for highly relevant and engaging copy or content. 

Enough with the small talk already, here is WHY investing in highly engaging, relevant and converting copy is important. 

  1. Loyalty.
  2. Did you know that good copy and content can truly build strong customer loyalty? IT can and it does. When you provide content or copy – whether it’s regular blogging (yes, you do need to blog —> Find out why here,  you are creating an ecosystem in which your customer, or potential customer, can depend on you.

    Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer. When we have direct conversations with people, when we talk to them rather than at them, we’re able to build a relationship that’s based on loyalty. Using the right words or visuals to tell our story, allows others to connect and engage. Loyalty is everything when it comes to a brand and it can’t be done without connection, human touch and a clear line of communication.

  3. Trust & Expertise.
  4. Loyalty is everything but loyalty without trust doesn’t mean much.  Building trust through copy and establishing your business as the expert helps to build into brand awareness and customer loyalty. It’s amazing that the power of words, the power of story, the power of visuals, have the ability to compel an audience to trust your brand. People like doing business with people they trust, people that are experts and people they can rely on for years to come. Investing in copy that builds trust and expertise can be the difference between attracting a stranger or converting them.

  5. Organic Search Rankings.
  6. There is copy for print and traditional media and copy for digital marketing. Both of them are extremely important, only one of them helps increase online visibility, at least in terms of copy getting indexed. Traditional marketing and copy done right can definitely help drive traffic but the words are still on paper, they’re not getting indexed by google, bing or other search engines. Creating copy or a single YouTube video isn’t going to impact your online presence overnight, but over time it will.  If you’ve read my blog on how blogging helps SEO than you know a few things about my thoughts on how blogs play into a good digital marketing strategy and one’s ability to find you online.

    Consistent content that is highly engaging, relevant and converting has the opportunity to impact how people find your business online.

  7. It converts.
  8. Copywriting done right turns strangers into customers and eventual brand promoters. Attract. Convert. Close. Delight. The 4 basics of any well thought out digital marketing campaign. Anyone in this world, or who has had any sort of glimpse into this world knows that you can’t play a quick and easy game to convert customers – no matter what phase they are in the customer journey. The reality of it is, attracting, converting and maintaining your future or current client is hard work, work worth it in terms of ROI if done right. I could probably go on forever about this but the basics are simple and the results are compelling. Good copy – as well as funnels that work converts. 

If your end goal is to build a large customer base (as most of ours are) and to keep those customers – you know you can’t create a marketing strategy with a one-and-done mentality. Especially if you want to cover them. 

Slow and steady wins the race. Focusing on high-quality content that attracts the right audience at the right time in their customer journey is going to always win out. None of these things happen overnight, investing in a solid copywriting or content strategy is important to build your brand. 

Good copy and content isn’t always easy, it’s certainly not short and sweet, but it is indeed a long term digital marketing strategy worth playing. Are you ready to play?  

What kind of content strategy do you have? 

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