Danie Schwartz Consulting is a creative and strategic consultant, specializing in storytelling, social, strategy, and creating a voice with purpose. It’s time to take your story and tell it to your ideal audience.

Just like any superhero, your brand has an origin story. As a creative and strategic partner, it’s my job at Danie Schwartz Consulting to learn how to tell it for you. I specialize in focusing on building brands in disruptive ways that shake your industry.

Well told stories can change the world. Creating the right brand voice helps evolve your brand into one that listens and connects with your target demographic. Let’s create a strategy and a voice, with purpose.

Whether you need help with copywriting, social media, marketing, or just general direction, Danie Schwartz Consultant is here to help you and your team, the way you need help. For some clients, it’s helping create the brand voice from beginning to end, for other clients, it’s working collaboratively to create a strong message, together. I love working with clients, the way that works best for them. Let’s connect to see if we are the right fit.

Dream it, breathe it, build it. That’s what i’m here to help you do. A perfect blend of creativity, energy, communication, brand, and strategy, i’m here to bring your brand to the next level.