LinkedIn is a powerful tool that connects professionals all around the world. It’s an important tool for leads, sales, recruitment, and just overall connection. The only downside? For years it has been missing essential tools.

Recently, Linkedin has done leaps and bounds to catch up to others in the social media space. As Facebook continues to flex its muscles from being a social platform to a recruitment platform to whatever it is its users might currently need, LinkedIn has done its part to try to catch up.. FINALLY.

For YEARS it has been SO frustrating that there has been no way to invite connections to company pages. It’s hard enough competing with all the organic and paid content in social spaces but not having the tools to help with it has made it easy to neglect Company pages for LinkedIn.

FINALLY, that day has changed! LinkedIn has finally made the one change I have been waiting for, they’ve added the ability to invite personal connections to company pages. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 too. Here’s all you have to do:

How to grow your audience on LinkedIn

  1. Go to your company page
  2. Make sure you’re in admin view vs. membership view (Yes, you must have admin privileges on the company page)
  3. On the top right side, click admin tools
  4. Select invite connections and viola! you’ve got it

It’s pretty easy! The video above also has step by step directions for anyone who might be more of a visual learner.

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