Danie here. Proud wordsmith, creator of sentences, teller of stories, visual creator, here to help you connect with your brand, tell your story and convert strangers into customers. The question is, are you ready to do the damn thang?

Are you ready to change the world? Okay, well if not the world, are you at least ready to change how you connect with your customers, your people, your tribe, your village? Are you? Because I am. Now is your time, our time, let’s get crafty with our words and say something real. Let’s BE real. Because real people like doing business with real brands. #truestory

Words have the opportunity to change the way we think, change the way we act and pursue others to do the same. The right words can and do change history. They change how people think about us, how people engage with us and whether people buy from us.

What do the words on your website, brochure, e-blast or other marketing piece say about you or your business?

Having trouble finding the right words? Are your words not converting? It’s cool, you’re not the only one. Thank goodness too, that’s why I’m in business.

Let’s collaborate closely, work together and make magic happen.

I am here to help you write as in write it for you. Or if you think you’re a fast learner that can do it themselves, we can work with a consulting rate. Let’s be real. We can’t all be good at everything. I’m good with words. You’re good at what you do. Let’s stay in our own lanes and do what we do best.

Better yet, let’s get this party started and work on some copy that connects, attracts and converts.