How do I connect with my Audience?

The most important things in life are the connections we make with others. This is true in all areas of life. It’s easy or at least easier to figure out how to connect with one another in life, than in business. Most of us pretty naturally connect with others that are our “people”. It’s fundamental human connection; your vibe attracts your tribe. Why is it then, that when it comes to connecting with your audience, it’s such a struggle?

After hearing this question so frequently from clients and potential clients, it made sense to blog about it. At the core of all things marketing, branding, social media and messaging related – understanding your audience is no different than connecting with one another. Yes, it’s that simple.

Connecting with your audience is no different than connecting with your friends, family, and colleagues. Why is the struggle so real then? The most significant mistake people make is only looking at the ROI and not at the person. I am a firm believer in humans first, profit second. You see, if you connect with your people, the profit will always follow. If you look only at a profit and not at your people, well, the profit may be nice but may not come back month after month, year after year. Enough already, you probably want to know, how do you connect with an audience? Let’s dive into it.

Speak to your Audience

It’s natural when writing a blog, copy, e-book etc., that you speak from an internal perspective, meaning on behalf of your company or industry. I debated internally whether or not I needed to include what ROI was in the paragraph above. I use the term so frequently, I assume all others in business know what it is. I assume it’s a safe assumption that my audience speaks that language, but is it?

It’s essential to have a company voice, but it’s crucial that your company voice speaks to your customer, not to your employees, colleagues and other nerds in your industry. So many of us do this accidentally. We speak the language that people in our space speak, making us the experts in the arena but the reality is, speaking the language to our audience who may not speak the language, is missing the mark in its entirety.

It’s important that in everything we do that we’re speaking directly to our customer. That doesn’t mean we have to “dumb down” everything we write, but it does mean recognizing that the languages we use to connect with our customer may be different than the languages we use to connect to colleagues. We’re having a conversation, duh. No one wants to talk to the person in the room that’s talking above us, we all want to talk to the person in the room we can have a conversation with. So, remember: always speak to your customer, not at your customer. Connect with your customer.

Listen to your Audience

Marketing and branding done right, should at the very core be a conversation between you and your customer. Speaking to your customer is important, but what’s more important is having a conversation. Too many brands get into social media and digital marketing (well, let’s be real, business in general) without grasping this concept, it’s not about you, it’s about the customer.

No one likes to go to a party and listen to that one guy talk about himself the whole time. UGH. That is the worst. Absolute worst. No, when we go out, we like it when people look at us directly in the eyes when speaking, speak directly to us and THEN listen to what we have to say. BOOM. That’s how it’s done.

You’re not always going to like it, but that’s okay. If one person is thinking it, then lots of people are thinking it. Listening to your people is important to connecting with your audience. Your audience is people, listening is a basic part of connecting with other people but something that so many of us often miss while we’re busy talking about ourselves.

It’s simple. Speak. Listen. Connect. BE HUMAN.

Share your Story

Emotions Matter. Engagement Matters. Connecting with your customer matters. Not enough of us do it, but the ones that are successful, they sure do.

Use humor, compassion, and empathy to share your story. People want to do business with people they know. Sharing your story, your journey, your strengths, your weaknesses, your milestones – these are all important things to share with your audience.

Sharing your story circles back to the idea of having a conversation with your audience. When we’re able to talk, listen, share, then we’re able to truly connect. It’s very simple, keep it real and build trust with your audience! Once you build that circle of trust, you have a potential customer for life.

Remember: Share your story (and stories of those whose problem you have solved) and BUILD THAT TRUST.

Speak and share your truth.

Ask, What would my Audience do?

Everything you do should be on behalf of your customers. Stopping to think and ask, what would my customers do ensures that you’re always acting on their best behalf. When you act with customers in mind, profit will flow naturally. Customers first, profit second.

Stop to ask yourself:
  1. what would my customers do?
  2. what would my customers want?
  3. what are my customers strengths?
  4. what are my customer’s weaknesses?

Once you start to think and act with the intent of your customer, they will not only start to connect with you in new ways; they’ll feel that you’re there for them. Being there for them and allowing them to know that you understand their pain points, is what will help them connect.

If we don’t stop to ask about our customers or clients thoughts, what’s the point? We won’t ever offer a competitive advantage; we won’t ever be at the top of their mind, we won’t be able to be there for them in the way that we want to be there.

Why does connecting with my audience matter?

Everything you do, should be to benefit your customers. When you speak, listen, and engage with your customer, then you can connect. The question is WHY? Why does connecting with your audience matter? Business is great, your product/service is great, does making the extra effort to connect with your audience and demographics matter? Obviously. Yes, obviously it matters. But why?

Connecting with your audience builds brand loyalty, creates trust, positions you as the expert and above all else, should help convert your audience into leads and your leads into customers.

Connection should be at the core of everything we say and do. It’s not a short-term hustle but rather a long-term relationship. Business may be doing great now, but will it be great 5 years from now. You may have made 4K on that one time sale but lost a lifetime customer.

Connecting with your audience and building a relationship is EVERYTHING. Everything you hear me? EVERYTHING.

Let’s Recap

When you remember the following, you’re setting yourself up for long-term success.
  1. Speak to your Audience
  2. Listen to your Audience
  3. Share your Story
  4. Connect with your Audience
  5. Ask, what would my Audience do?

Connecting with your audience isn’t a short-term solution but rather a long end game. It takes time, energy and effort. If you want to see your business, brand or product succeed, make the investment to connect with your audience.

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